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6 newly released DVDs containing over 10 hours of footage of Pope John Paul II last visit to the USA

1. Mass in Central Park  Just Pay S&H

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Central Park was transformed into a giant open-air cathedral Saturday as Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass before a flock of 130,000, urging Americans to stand up for family life and side with the homeless, the disabled and people with AIDS.

``Do not be afraid to search for God. Then it will truly be the land of the free and the home of the brave,'' the pope said at the end of the service. ``God bless America.''

A gold carpet in the shape of a cross stretched across the Great Lawn, while Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack and the Boys Choir of Harlem were among the performers who filled the park with sacred music in the muted light of a cloudy October morning. Tenor Placido Domingo sang at Communion.

With the skyline of Manhattan for his backdrop and arbors of autumn green and gold for his basilica, Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass for a chanting, cheering, joyously singing biblical multitude on the rain-soaked playing fields of Central Park.

It was the largest event of the Pope's historic but exhausting four-day visit to the New York area, and for many it was an emotional crescendo and perhaps a farewell on what could be a last sojourn in America by a  Pontiff widely regarded as in the twilight of his papacy.

Enjoy the open-air Mass that captivated millions. A dynamic blend of compelling liturgy, uplifting oratory, and inspirational music that will fill your heart with joy. This  DVD will transport you into the midst of this uplifting celebration on Central Park's Great Lawn. View the exuberant faces of the crowd as Pope John Paul II presides over a joyous Mass, the most blessed sacrament of the Roman Catholic tradition and a celebration of Christ's ultimate sacrifice. This DVD features the complete full-color video of the celebration of the Great Mass, including an introduction by Cardinal John  O'Connor.

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